Jule Verne´s Last Travel- a fantastic adventure that will take you all around the world (NOTE, the game is ONLY available in english!)

We're in 1886 and my name is Jules Verne.
A catastrophe is about to happen on the other side of the world.
Thus, you will be included in a party of 3 explorers to travel and stop the catastrophe from happening….

You will make decisions.
You will use different kind of transportation machines.
And you will walk with your futuristic device.

Cool facts about the game:
- You can play this outdoor game anywhere you wish.
- You can play alone or together with your family, co-workers, friends, etc
- You can use one or several devices.
- Max game time 24 hours (so no rush, you can take your time saving the world), Unless you choose the full service alternative then you have 90 minutes to complete the adventure.
- Easy to get started
- All you need is a smart device (phone or tablet).